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Name:The Ultimate Loli Manga CollectionDate:2010-08-03, 14:29 UTC
Stardom:0 fans.File size:164.38 GiB
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Torrent description:

The Ultimate Loli Manga Collection

As I promised earlier, here is The Ultimate Loli Manga Collection. Although a few
good manga collection torrents already exist, this will surpass them easily.

This torrent contains almost all of the loli
mangas that have been scanned; perhaps this contains them all. Loli mangas are mangas that have loli characters in them. I consider a loli character as one who looks like a young girl regardless of her age as there are some characters who are supposed to be in their teens or even adult who have flat chests and other hallmarks of a loli character. I classify 'LOLI' manga as any manga with at least one chapter of loli, and if it does not contain at least this amount then you won't find that manga in here.

However, there are a few exeptions. There are 30-50 shota mangas in here as well as
a few mangas from a few authors that contain no loli but are here in this torrent for the sake of completing the author's work. But, overall, if you like loli then you will
not be disappointed in downloading the contents of this torrent.

File structure:

* Anthology
This folder contains ALL anthologies.

* Cover
This folder contains all covers compressed in a 400x600 pixel
resolution. Grab this if you don't want to grab the entire torrent
to begin with and use it to help you locate what you truly want to

* Magazine
This folder contains the Magazines.
I've only kept the true loli Magazines, there are also many
magazines out there that have minor loli content but I did not include
those in this torrent since they are usually easy to find.

* Manga
This folder contains all sorted mangas by the author's name.

* Notsorted
This folder contains all files that have not been sorted into the well-
sorted file structure list.

* Translated
This folder contains all translated mangas.
Sadly, many of them lack the credits but they all should be credited
to whomever translated them in the first place. (I didn't translate any of them.)
Also this folder only contains COMPLETE mangas, and only mangas
that have at least one chapter or more loli characters.

All files are in standard Japanese file formated names. I'm sorry but
I have no plans to transliteriate (Romanize) or translate the names into English.
If you want to do it yourself you can always use the Doujin
Renamer application available from the Doujinshi & Manga Lexicon site. This tool is
available from the following site . Without this tool,
I wouldn't have been able to rename all of my comics, so trust me when I say that this
is worth using.

If you have a lot of good mangas that would fit into a future appendix to this
torrent, then please make torrent of those books! Name them "ULMC ADDON" so everyone knows that it contains either additional mangas not contained herein or better quality mangas than those already here in order to help and aid every collector of loli mangas.

Feel free to share this torrent or the contents thereof to any sites where it would be appropriate. Also feel free to share them to your loli-loving friends!
Also, keep in mind that since this torrent is pretty large it will take some time
for it to be seeded. I will keep it seeded between 8-16 hours per day
so don't be alarmed if there is no seeder online at all times.

Files in torrent:

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User comments:

2010-08-04 at 08:36 UTC
2010-08-04 at 12:52 UTC
Massive! So loli ^_^
2011-01-04 at 21:12 UTC
2011-05-21 at 07:23 UTC
Gonna rock this with my FiOS and see how many TB I can hit in a month.
2014-01-10 at 09:22 UTC
"File name too long: ~/Downloads/Ultimate Loli Manga Collection/Manga/[A]/Akuta Rinko [sato]/(同人誌) [sato, あくた琳子, カナサナカ, かわだ章吾, さとーさとる, しまつか慧, ホシザイン, 佐倉佳, 吉田チエ, 平林林平, 志摩京佑, 星逢ひろ, 未完星人, 水戸泉, 犬丸, 白米, 眠々, 蒔田真記, 阿久津柑子, 鹿島田しき] 少年色図鑑 5 ~少女装"
I can understand preserving filenames, but for future reference, a filename that long makes the file impossible to download for some users without tweaking their system.
2014-07-25 at 14:57 UTC
fight da powa
2015-04-30 at 06:36 UTC
[sato, あくた琳子, カナサナカ, かわだ章吾, さとーさとる, しまつか慧, ホシザイン, 佐倉佳, 吉田チエ, 平林林平, 志摩京佑, 星逢ひろ, 未完星人, 水戸泉, 犬丸, 白米, 眠々, 蒔田真記, 阿久津柑子, 鹿島田しき] 少年色図鑑 5 ~少女装" LOL .

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