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Name:Annerose - the Witch of Iron [鋼鉄の魔女アンネローゼ] [Lilith - Pixy]Date:2010-05-11, 08:41 UTC
Submitter:MECCLAUD [Subscribe]Seeders:2
Stardom:0 fans.File size:640 MiB
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Vuze with the Mainline DHT plugin is the recommended client.
Playback help is right here. :3

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hello Here are the links for faster downloading!

thanks for sharing !!



YOU CAN JOIN OR PULL WITH 7zip or hjsplit !

7ZIP :

HJSPLIT : Annerose - the Witch of Annerose - the Witch of Annerose - the Witch of Annerose - the Witch of Annerose - the Witch of Annerose - the Witch of Annerose - the Witch of

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2010-05-11 at 17:00 UTC
hello guys
I'm very glad because you like my first release.
if you want to use the dowloaded files in the correct way, you have to download all the parts
into the same folder and than you have to launch hjsplit and clic on join.
In this way, the files from zip.001 to zip.006 will be gathered into a single file, which will be
managed in a regular way by winzip or winrar.
did you understand?
2015-05-04 at 09:35 UTC
Thanks for the torrent. I had no trouble with the installation, but I'm having trouble with the app itself. Everytime I attempt to run the game, which is named "LBK-30048" for me, it opens two tabs, one is blue and has a long script in it, and the other is just a small tab with icons that don't appear to do anything. Immediately after they load I get a syntax error and I'm not entirely sure what's wrong. I know you uploaded this years ago, but I'd really appreciate it if you could offer any help. Thanks.

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