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Name:(18禁アニメ) First Love 香澄 (DVD 720x480 H.264 AAC).mkvDate:2012-03-22, 11:39 UTC
Submitter:cino [Subscribe]Seeders:0
Stardom:Only 4 fans.File size:133.5 MiB
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Torrent description:

My encode so no other torrents for this (except subbers). Every duplicite torrent will be reported.


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User comments:

2012-03-22 at 11:52 UTC
cino is the true hero
2012-03-22 at 12:01 UTC
2012-03-22 at 12:03 UTC
thx cino
2012-03-22 at 12:15 UTC
thx 4 sharing
2012-03-22 at 13:37 UTC

Everyone is stealing your release.
2012-03-22 at 13:51 UTC
The god of H will be with you !
2012-03-22 at 13:52 UTC

Don't worry I already reported and it is deleted ^^
2012-03-22 at 14:27 UTC
Thank you Cino.
2012-03-23 at 00:10 UTC
Hey Cino, #126215
another one popped up
2012-03-23 at 00:43 UTC
So this is the original post, let me be straight Cino:

And let me remember everyone here that even if cino or anyone else encoded something, the movie is NOT his, he does not have a copyright for it.

It is totally nuts and immoral that cino, biohrd and others support and encourage some kinda pseudo-copyright monstrosity, totally immoral, we are all shareres and should understand this more than anyone...

Oy yea, but we all do go crazy when we go up in arms against publishers and their stupid copyright monopolies but we want to enforce some kinda copyright for sharers?? WOW, JUST WOW!! Id theres somethign immoral is this kind of mentality in sharers.

This is the internet, if you dont likes it dont share it cino, a regrettable as that is, we are all grateful to cino or whoever shares something to all of us but if said sharer will have this mentality and create just conflict Im unsure if will be muh welcomed.

I understand that you get something our first, either by getting via utatane/perfectdark/share or encode it yourself you may not like it that some minutes later its reposted, but again, this is the INTERNET, we are in sites where sharers hang around, some kinda pseudo.copyright is totally immoral in this community.
2012-03-23 at 08:26 UTC

I know where you come from but I want to ask you something? Why shouls anybody create another torrent for this after few minutes it was released? Because they they want people to know about their fucking sites. This is why I waited 1 week without releaseing this. I store all hentai and if needed I can seed anytime.

And other thing, this isn't your site but belongs to Nyaa and you know what, he doesn't like this too that's why we report. So if you have other things to say do it on other torrent site. Bye.
2012-03-23 at 14:17 UTC
I agree, there was no need for multiple torrents of the same exact movie encode. Unless maybe the torrent is over 1 year old and is dead, no seed at all, then maybe it's ok if someone want to remake the torrent and seed it. But if something that just been posted and alive, any duplicates torrent are just waste of space. Delete them please. It's sucha mess to browse nyaatorrents right now. And it's gona be worse if those duplicate, fake torrents and scams left unchecked.
2012-03-23 at 21:13 UTC

Likewise, why not? None of us here own any of the content on this site, NOONE, period, no matter if someone subbed, encoded or whatever, content is NOT OURS, what right do anyone has to monopolize it?

Totally agree with the last part thou, I had said myself in a "evil" repost before new ´pseudo-copyright nyaa enforcers appeared-

Nyaa can do the hell he want with his site, I dont care, what I do care and its so sad to see is the mentality some have here, thats whats sad.

I don't want to use this analogy, I dont like it, but it suits you. The real creator surely does not want you to redistrubute its content as "your own" yet you do it, don't respecting his wishes, yet when you "share" "your" content you ask and actively report others so you are the only source, thus effectively enforcing some copyright for you! Awesome really. Theres something called karma friend, hope it does not reach you someday.

If you think preventing other torrents of "your" stuff will make you the only source, go ahead, you guys want to waste your time on doing this silly stuff, go ahead.

I agree that its low to post torrents and not seed to force user to go to your site or get the stuff via DDL, but if somene repost a torrent, seed it, whats wrong with ddls or directing to blogs, it means users have alternatives.


I had seen you sound so high and mighty lately, had a better opinion of you. You actively post links to your blog too, post only on filesharers that pay you and yet you come here and preach to other sharers for doing so...Again,

Whatever, have it your way, good luck with you surveillance so no evil repost appear here, what a waste of time.

Still I am grateful to all sharers, including you cino, although I totally dont agree with your ideology, because its really wrong in a community where we all are sharers.
2012-03-23 at 21:27 UTC

"Are you too stupid to understand what other people write?

The same CRC as cino's encode. Torrent flagged to delete, user flagged to ban.

cino's torrents:

You do not need to insult others biohrd, calling them stupid or other names.

If you are so hell bent in doing this keep it polite so others can respect you back.

And don't threat anyone with bans unless you are the site owner or are empowered by him to do so, which does not seem to be the case.

No wonder Nyaa clearly said he does not trust you to empower you to directly have control over the site, delete torrents or ban members and allowed you to only report torrents as anyone else can do.
2012-03-23 at 23:31 UTC
In Nyaa, I only need the original torrent.
So, I agree with cino's view.
I don't like other people share the same encode and ads their website, unless the torrent is dead.
2012-03-24 at 06:20 UTC
I hate that kind of censoring.

Anyways, thanks.
2012-03-24 at 12:54 UTC
Everybody has his own right, no point to argue anymore. Will end it with something interesting, my HDD with all files most likely died...
2012-03-25 at 09:06 UTC


And yep, sorry, forgot you used to, but no longer have a blog:

Honest from you to not deny posting ddls on hentai forums thou, because some here seem to hate those that post ddls here OR somwherelese, nothing wrong with that imo, this next time you call cashwhores fellow sharers like Hentaitake that at least post rapidshare too for his users,...

NO use wasting my time either here, no one changing his mind anyway, enjoy flagging torrents and reporting users.

2012-04-01 at 18:00 UTC
Is it just me, but I can't see any subs.

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