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Category DLSizeSELEDLsMsg
DoujinshiEverythingDL157.01 GiBStatus unknown159710
DoujinshiThe Ultimate Loli Doujinshi CollectionDL123.68 GiB32301332
Doujinshi[Sb55] Masterbloodfer Hentai Collection 1DL114.21 GiB0261360
DoujinshiUltimate Lolicon Manga and Doujinshi Collection v3.0 (both translated & raw)DL76.29 GiB0545520
DoujinshiNyadare's Loli collectionDL65.91 GiB3254593
Doujinshiс78 batchDL55.34 GiB0315160
Doujinshi[BBS4.2DJGAME.NET]2DJ C84 同人誌&汉化同人志&CG 合集DL52.4 GiBStatus unknown39151
Doujinshi2DJ C85同人志&汉化同人志&CG合集[50.3G]/C85 COLLECTION SIDE.DOUJIN&CGDL50.35 GiB0358170
DoujinshiC89 Doujin Pack 01-56DL43.14 GiB4023160
Doujinshi同人庫 -Doujinshi Archives- 2011-07-12DL38.69 GiB02151550
Doujinshi[MOEMILK] C82 Doujinshi collection finalDL37.05 GiB01689420
Doujinshi同人庫 -Doujinshi Archives-DL35 GiB02144580
DoujinshiCOMIC LO (Vol.001-153) (2002-2016)DL34.5 GiB3923520
Doujinshi[Fakku] FakkuDL Doujinshi DumpDL31.76 GiB14436675
DoujinshiTouhou H-doujin compilation (RAW)DL27.91 GiB21274000
DoujinshiFlaser's Hentai Doujinshi Collection 2010.06.10DL24.93 GiB005383
DoujinshiLittle White Butterflies Batch Torrent V1DL22.98 GiB0515051
DoujinshiComic-Market 83 Collection of Doujinshi(Chinesize include)DL22.52 GiBStatus unknown20570 batch torrent March-May 2010DL21.91 GiB0226530
DoujinshiMadoka Library Doujin Collection (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ)DL21.63 GiB0142590
Doujinshi~[S7]~Super Doujinshi Collection RELOADED~SpanishDL20.06 GiB036780
Doujinshi[MOEMILK.COM] C82 Doujinshi collection-3DL19.63 GiB0288230
Doujinshi2DJGAME Comiket 81 Collection -Doujin & Cosplay-DL19.24 GiB0262440
DoujinshiC84 collection []DL18.67 GiB0152610
Doujinshi[合集] 2DJGAME C80 合集第二弹 同人誌、同人アニメ、同人CG、コスプレ | C80 Batch.2 Doujinshi / CG / Cosplay / Anime [18.1G]DL18.19 GiB12225410
Doujinshi[Doujinshi-4U](同人誌) C78 DoujinshiDL17.39 GiB08852840
Doujinshi[2DJGAME] C75 PACK02 Doujin-Cosplay-GamesDL17.37 GiBStatus unknown148610
Doujinshidesudesu's release batch torrent (2010-2014)DL17.05 GiB3026710
Doujinshi[MOEMILK] C81 Doujinshi collectionDL17 GiB03246700
Doujinshi超看護婦ペインキラー琴音ちゃん (再販分) (オリジナル)DL16.64 GiBStatus unknown20920
DoujinshiSOSG COMIC MARKET 82 DOUJINSHI COLLECTIONDL16.11 GiBStatus unknown91940
Doujinshi[Doujinshi-4U] (同人誌) C76DL15.74 GiB06915120
DoujinshiC75 PACK02 Doujin&Cosplay&GamesDL15.45 GiB0118250
Doujinshi2DJGAME Comiket 80 Batch.1 DoujinshiDL13.87 GiB0114250
DoujinshiC80 Doujinshi Collection (454JP + 71CN+6COS)DL13.86 GiB0368371
DoujinshiC73 Collection PART.2DL13.76 GiBStatus unknown146730
Doujinshi[Doujinshi-4U] (同人誌) С75DL13.35 GiB0055450
DoujinshiSOSG C84 同人誌合集 VOL.2/SOSG COMIC MARKET 84 DOUJINSHI COLLECTION VOL.2 (12.5G)DL12.93 GiB0029770
Doujinshi(C73)同人誌&同人CG&企業&Cosplay [12.5GB]DL12.48 GiBStatus unknown18780
Doujinshi[MOEMILK.COM] C82 Doujinshi collection-2DL12.39 GiB1090970
Doujinshi2DJGAME C76 Collection Pack 2 - Doujin-CosplayDL12.38 GiBStatus unknown14020
DoujinshiKorean Translation Ero Doujinshi Collection 2014DL12.35 GiBStatus unknown34804
Doujinshiファイナル - 同人誌740冊DL12.29 GiBStatus unknown58370
DoujinshiRurikon loli lib - april-may 2014 updateDL12.28 GiB3151930
Doujinshi(C91) 17.1.17~31DL11.92 GiB81618040
Doujinshi[MOEMILK] C77 Doujinshi collection pack x 711DL11.79 GiB04864960
DoujinshiC76 Final - 735 Doujinshi ~ C76 ファイナル - 同人誌735冊DL10.53 GiB0146200
Doujinshi(RAW) Comic MomohimeDL10.25 GiB0126944
Doujinshi2DJGAME C77 Collection Pack 1 - Doujinshi-CosplayDL10.24 GiB0162940
Doujinshi[Doujinshi-4U] (同人誌) C79DL10.14 GiB00757000
DoujinshiTouhou H-doujin compilation (Translated)DL10.13 GiB0226980
DoujinshiC75 PACK01 Doujin&Cosplay&GamesDL9.93 GiB0116000
Doujinshi[R8-Doujinshi] (同人誌) C80 Doujinshi (2011.09.06)DL9.68 GiB0183670
Doujinshi[R8-Doujinshi] (同人誌) C80 (2011.09.06)DL9.68 GiB019530
DoujinshiH-hentai collectionDL9.55 GiBStatus unknown5740
Doujinshi(C80)(同人志)エロ选集_第一弹(彩2G|非彩7.4G)DL9.44 GiBStatus unknown6110
Doujinshi(C84)同人誌X214 第四弹DL9.34 GiB0155060
Doujinshi[MOEMILK.COM] C83 Doujinshi collectionDL9.2 GiB02753222
Doujinshi[PS900W](C80)同人誌合集 Vol.1.rarDL8.96 GiB0122380
Doujinshi(C84)同人誌X239 第六弹DL8.59 GiB0541140
Doujinshi[R8-Audio] (同人誌) C82 Doujinshi part1DL8.55 GiB20166033
Doujinshi2DJGAME C76 Collection Pack 1 - Doujin-CosplayDL8.42 GiBStatus unknown36350
Doujinshi[Sb55] Master bloodfer hentai February releases (2011)DL8.21 GiB017851
DoujinshiC85 同人誌 CollectionDL8.16 GiBStatus unknown70611
DoujinshiC87 Doujinshi CollectionDL7.88 GiB1054280
Doujinshi2DJGAME C76 Collection Pack 3 - Doujin-CosplayDL7.77 GiBStatus unknown8490
Doujinshi[MOEMILK] Doujinshi collection pack x 500DL7.73 GiB0176550
Doujinshi(C84)同人誌X161 第五弹DL7.56 GiB0140690
Doujinshi[C86] Pack 1-20 (List is included!)DL7.5 GiB0265320
Doujinshi[R8-Audio] (同人誌) C82 Doujinshi part4DL7.48 GiB1071642
DoujinshiLoli Manga #3 - 10GBDL7.45 GiB20404160
DoujinshiTIGER&BUNNY Doujinshi CollectionDL7.4 GiBStatus unknown21673
DoujinshiC75 同人誌合集 repackDL7.35 GiB0142150
Doujinshi[Sb55] Master bloodfer hentai December releases (2010)DL7.35 GiB016600
DoujinshiC87 Doujinshi Collection Part IIDL7.27 GiB1042780
Doujinshi[] C79 Doujinshi collection x 400DL7.13 GiB01692470
DoujinshiBiribiri's Official Batch Torrent v2DL6.98 GiBStatus unknown17240
Doujinshi[C84] Pack 41-60 (List is included!)DL6.68 GiB0127460
Doujinshi[C84] Pack 81-100 (List is included!)DL6.67 GiB0322900
DoujinshiEnglish Translated Lolicon Manga/Doujinshi Collection [Over 5100, 6.7GB]DL6.66 GiB40102795
DoujinshiSasayaki An [ささやき庵 弥生 VOICE LOVER] collection + ArtbookDL6.63 GiB52108830
Doujinshi[R8-Audio] (同人誌) C82 Doujinshi part3DL6.6 GiB1089980
DoujinshiC82 同人誌 242本DL6.47 GiB01282470
Doujinshi[C84] Pack 1-20DL6.39 GiBStatus unknown52350
DoujinshiRHC82合集第四彈(同人誌) C82 Batch Download #4(Comic)[6.3G]DL6.39 GiB0163180
Doujinshi[C85] Pack 21-40 (List is included!)DL6.36 GiB0238091
DoujinshiKorean Translation Doujinshi Collection 2014DL6.33 GiBStatus unknown22701
Doujinshi[C84] Pack 21-40 (List is included!)DL6.32 GiB0431870
Doujinshi[HorribleScans] Fakku Archive (2015-11-01)DL6.23 GiB9173348
Doujinshi[C85] Pack 41-60 (List is included!)DL6.22 GiB0125060
Doujinshi[R8-Audio] (同人誌) C82 Doujinshi part2DL6.1 GiB10104820
Doujinshi[MOEMILK] C82 Doujinshi collectionDL6.09 GiB01120530
Doujinshi[C85] Pack 44-62DL5.99 GiB0137200
Doujinshi[Sb55] Master bloodfer hentai October releases (2010)DL5.97 GiB015350
DoujinshiC75 PACK03 Doujin&Cosplay&GamesDL5.87 GiB0116010
Doujinshi[C85] Pack 1-25DL5.85 GiB0157300
DoujinshiZero no Tsukaima CollectionDL5.8 GiB0118460
Doujinshi(例大祭12) 20150618 詰め合わせDL5.79 GiB0015560
Doujinshi[2DJGAME]+C75+PACK03+Doujin-Cosplay-GamesDL5.78 GiBStatus unknown13090
Doujinshi(C84)同人誌X195 第二弹DL5.72 GiB0179770
Doujinshi[C84] Pack 61-80 (List is included!)DL5.71 GiB0323800
Doujinshi[Sb55] Master bloodfer hentai January releases (2011)DL5.44 GiB017689
Doujinshi[MOEMILK] C78 Doujinshi collection pack x 253DL5.32 GiB0261820
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