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Name:『girlcelly』 [130125] [ILLUSION] プレミアムプレイ~ダークネス~ + DLC + Cosplay SetDate:2013-01-27, 01:27 UTC
Stardom:9 fans.File size:5.13 GiB
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Um...This game is quite hot from what I see, so I will make it a bit special :)

If you, Hongfire Modders around here, contact me through Private Messages or send me email at or, I will give you BS Premium Account to get this hot game, quantity is 2 only...>_<

Remember, tell me who are you, also screenshots relate to your posts or threads and last one is your UserCP to prevent cheating ^_^

Um...Cosplay Set is out just now, and it is also contain DLC which included in my torrent, but I want leave it as Original files so I do not extract and recompress ^^

Image Darkness_Cosplay_Set.rar (90 MB)

Many thank to Neko aka Checkmate for hosting this file ! ^^

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User comments:

2013-01-27 at 01:34 UTC
thx ~
2013-01-27 at 01:44 UTC
oooh girlcelly you just saved my life...
Thanks again~ XD
2013-01-27 at 02:01 UTC
shit just got real
2013-01-27 at 02:02 UTC
girlcelly your the real badass shit
2013-01-27 at 02:15 UTC
Wooo, finally!

Now to wait for all the red parts to disappear from the "file availability" bar...
2013-01-27 at 03:31 UTC
2013-01-27 at 10:57 UTC
Thanks Celly
2013-01-28 at 01:13 UTC
need password. thankyou.
2013-01-28 at 13:46 UTC
anyone can confirm this is real or fake ?
2013-01-28 at 19:07 UTC
2013-01-28 at 20:12 UTC
This one is real

the others is all fake with locked password rar, go to hell who upload those password rar
2013-01-28 at 20:15 UTC
Here my tip for the game

When you first play the game first time, you can't play Story mode yet, you need to go play H-mode at least 2-3 times [just get in and get out is ok if you don't want spoiler]

The game will unlock more mode when you tried multiple time, there are normal and hard mode, both work the same, try it twice or more will unlock new stage, new scene and some beast appears in H-mode.

I hope this help, enjoy
2013-01-29 at 04:17 UTC
Seems to need a license.
2013-01-29 at 13:49 UTC
show the password for rar file, please. tks
2013-01-29 at 13:55 UTC
Confirmed real, no license or whatever needed, just install and play
If you got errors its not GC's torrent's fault, see the wiki
Btw girlcelly do you have access to the other version of the cosplay set? I know theres 2 version, but the ones I see floating around is only this version. Thanks in advance :3
2013-01-29 at 14:55 UTC
@JC GOG @hieupn

You download the wrong torrent then, I [we] confirmed this especially one is TRUE
2013-03-08 at 13:59 UTC
wont install?
2013-03-21 at 21:53 UTC
gives a warning about distribution outside japan and when tryin for setup or startup it looks for some .msi file

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