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Name:RHC82合集第一彈(遊戲) C82 Batch Download #1(Game)[6.9GB]Date:2012-08-14, 19:03 UTC
Stardom:0 fans.File size:6.88 GiB
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07th Expansion「ROSE GUNS DAYS」 Season1 [ISO].rar964.6 MiB
[Autobahn]完熟ルージュドリップ.rar1012.9 MiB
[CUBETYPE]幻想の輪舞 (東方).rar227.8 MiB
[FATE](Light's)FATAL ZERO ACTION(真 FATE無雙!).rar473 MiB
[KISS]カスタムメイド3D 2012夏プラグインDISC.ISO495.7 MiB
[Mistersf]みすたぁさいど☆ふぇいす(東方).rar59.6 MiB
[OHBA堂]ホムラコンバット ブレイズ.rar312.5 MiB
[UTG Software]すわぴょん2012 すわこちゃんcubic(東方).rar56.9 MiB
[Under the Gun]幻想郷泰戦(東方).rar89.3 MiB
[agrippa]ゆっくりボウルDX(東方).rar54.5 MiB
[さくらんぼ亭]東方吸闘紀 体験版3(東方).rar22.1 MiB
[ようかい玉の輿]ボクの催眠世界.rar388.3 MiB
[コココソフト]さくやさんクライシス2-The Linkage Of Servant Trial-.rar227.6 MiB
[劇團近未来]トイレの神様、募集中.rar300.7 MiB
[川獺アルカディア]宵闇伝説(東方).rar103.9 MiB
[未完童話]東方ポケット戦争 2nd(東方).rar475.1 MiB
[橙汁]きゅぴシュ~DANGEROUS!!C82お試し版.rar68.2 MiB
[激辛spice]ゲンソウキョウの謎(東方).rar951.6 MiB
[苺坊主]東方百鬼合戦~国盗り大遊戯(東方).rar495.8 MiB
[黄昏フロンティア]古明地さとりの情操教育(東方).rar55.2 MiB
nagiri_patch_v1_01.exe25.4 MiB
創刻のアテリアル アペンドディスク「水っ娘風雲児と真夏のトライアングル」.rar169.1 MiB

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[Sticky] <herkz> Please flag torrents that break the rules. They will be dealt with.
[08-23, 15:09] <artful21> I have the same problem like AristoCheung, anybody know what's the problem?
[08-23, 14:24] <oshjosh> can someone please please tell me the name of this girl in this jav about two girls in bikinis selling hotdogs while near a swimming pool shop? the girl with the blue bikini.. any help would be appreciated
[08-23, 06:58] <AristoCheung> Can someone tell me why I can't upload the torrent? It just tell me "Upload failed. No torrent data could be parsed."
[08-23, 05:12] <OtakuEiSama> not that Fortuna... the one released back in 2002
[08-23, 03:51] <Nyan-chan> Seed #83021 onegaishimasu!
[08-23, 00:33] <Arkaz> please upload lol-070 plss
[08-22, 23:41] <Redsweet> Hey I'm having trouble installing "[3D-hentai] [@OZ] 聖姦伝説リース / Seikan Densetsu Riesz" I go through everything but I can't get it to run as soon as I click the story mode button. What am I doing wrong?
[08-22, 19:03] <Avi1140> @OtakuEiSama - Here #359160 and #359356
[08-22, 16:17] <OtakuEiSama> can someone find me the link for this eroge フォルトゥーナ It is kind of old already but its CG's seem very nice
[08-22, 16:08] <Avi1140> Do someone know if there's already Eng Sub vr. of Princess Limited! and if Yes where I can find it ?
[08-22, 16:05] <jiranai> (C86)[弱電波] あさダさんアサダサン pls
[08-22, 15:39] <abc13> I've been looking for it for weeks
[08-22, 15:39] <abc13> I
[08-22, 15:39] <abc13> Hi, Can anyone please upload FPP-03 Asean Beauty Dolls - Usagi Nakayam
[08-22, 14:39] <iloveunjav> Hi all, anyone knows a JAV video that has this storyline? It is like a sex marathon for the female for the whole day and the actress cannot bathe until at night. The video starts from the actor goes to wake the actress up from bed and started having sex before moving off to other places and partners
[08-22, 10:55] <HappyACG> oh my god
[08-21, 16:56] <leone145> 催眠(壊)‐サイミンカッコカイ‐ pls
[08-21, 09:55] <jack7791101> I'm not good with games that are not anime style... so real play isnt my type, but thanks for the info ^^
[08-21, 09:52] <KenjiSky> goodluck..guess ill skip Real Play and try on Immoral ty
[08-21, 09:50] <KenjiSky> google this : schoolmate.part01.rar by Lian. R. ..............its download by parts
[08-21, 09:48] <jack7791101> @KenjiSky good luck, and I need one too. lol
[08-21, 09:44] <KenjiSky> @jack7791101 been thru that ..still doest run , guess ill be looking for another torrent of it that woks
[08-21, 09:40] <jack7791101> @KenjiSky I found it on hongfire
[08-21, 09:38] <jack7791101> @KenjiSky well I found something like "Known problem, check first page under 'Utilities' - NTLEA Japanese Emulator (C++ Fix) by Yagamid"
[08-21, 09:36] <jack7791101> I haven't touch real play so I can't help you sorry...
[08-21, 09:31] <KenjiSky> @jack7791101 information trade... tell me how to fix runtime error on real play then i tell u where to download Schoolmate .. want?
[08-21, 09:23] <jack7791101> Can anyone reseed the schoolmate.iso?
[08-21, 09:04] <jiranai> (C86)[弱電波] あさダさんアサダサン pls
[08-21, 08:51] <KenjiSky> hey anybody there can help me get pass by the Runtime error when playing Real play?
[08-21, 08:22] <beemanc> what 's the password of the "COMIC1☆8汉化本合集第一弹"?
[08-21, 03:10] <jiranai> and (C86)[黒糖ニッケ ]椛お姉ちゃんは年上の彼女!! pls
[08-21, 03:06] <jiranai> (C86)[弱電波] あさダさんアサダサン pls
[08-21, 00:36] <orzer> How to be a trusted user?
[08-21, 00:01] <E.KORPSE> Hello?
[08-20, 19:28] <Sumicchi> #264217 Can someone seed this for me please? so I can seed it in turn xD
[08-20, 17:20] <orzer> _(:3」∠)_
[08-20, 15:47] <geeneraatt8357> hey robotx if I provide you with games that were thought to be lost for a long time, will you make a torrent of it asap
[08-20, 14:09] <azsxdcf> yeeeeeeah!!(no reason)
[08-20, 14:04] <robotx> o(∩_∩)o
[08-20, 13:46] <a0980683439> someone can upload DGEN-019 ??
[08-20, 13:38] <495n> If you don't want to use a vpn to visit this site,better use English.
[08-20, 12:57] <lefthandes> speak English please
[08-20, 12:56] <NYAASUKE> i am new here.
[08-20, 11:54] <geeneraatt8357> Does anybody want to create a torrent of the first umemaro games, I can provide them if you want, all the way from aya to lewd bust bomb teacher, they're the first versions of the games
[08-20, 11:46] <Newbee> Testing
[08-20, 11:28] <Arkaz> please upload LOL-070 pls
[08-20, 07:47] <t894924815> >>aranks Please Be Polite!You son of a bitch!!!!!!
[08-20, 07:35] <> #671083
[08-20, 07:35] <> I have just uploaded a new translated video of Madonna Kanjuku Bodi!
[08-20, 06:25] <ru85plvoe> Hello
[08-20, 05:42] <Sumicchi> Would someone mind seeding this for me? o wo #264217
[08-20, 05:33] <aranks> English only DO YOU KNOW? fucking chinese
[08-20, 05:10] <t894924815> please use English
[08-20, 04:21] <acfun-gay> o(∩_∩)o
[08-20, 02:30] <-Vibe> orzer you there?
[08-20, 02:10] <orzer> :)