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Name:dendendo電伝導全集Date:2012-07-16, 07:13 UTC
Submitter:里a猫Seeders:Status unknown (0)
Tracker:udp:// unknown (0)
Stardom:0 fans.File size:7.86 GiB
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Vuze (classic UI and Mainline DHT plugin) is the recommended client.
Playback help is here, and you probably need it.

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The password:liamao

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2012-07-17 at 09:29 UTC
Hey I was wondering how do I download torrents with "Status unknown"? Coz when I try to download via uTorrent or Vuze, it just won't start transfering, but at torrents' page I see "Downloads" number increasing.
2012-07-20 at 06:21 UTC
Because it hasn't finished,just finished seventy-four percent now.

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