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Name:[120323][Nitro+CHiRAL] Dramatical Murder (iso+1.10patch+crack)Date:2012-04-08, 01:31 UTC
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Playback help is here, and you probably need it.

Torrent description:

Nitro+ Chiral - Dramatical Murder

Run the update patch before using the crack.

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(18禁ゲーム)[Nitro+ CHiRAL] DRAMAtical Murder..zip3024.2 MiB

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User comments:

2012-04-09 at 18:03 UTC
It should be tagged with [120323] (because its release date is 2012-03-23).
2012-04-11 at 06:20 UTC
I can't seem to get the update and patch to run. :(
2012-04-11 at 09:27 UTC
Just replace the files with those in the update, then put the cracked exe in the same directory. You will need to run the game from the cracked exe.
2012-04-15 at 07:34 UTC
Can someone please help me... I can't seem to run the game..... Can anyone describe me a step by step process of what I should do with the files I downloaded from this torrent?? PLEASE >.<!! You're help will be much appreciated!!! I've been wanting to play this game ever since!!! pleaaaase!!!! Thank you!
2012-04-18 at 22:01 UTC
Sorry, but I could not play D:
I did everything as it was written in the description, but it did not work T^T
(When I open the game spawned a window asking for an activation code e__e)
Can you explain how to install the game with more details? I would be grateful :3
2012-04-19 at 12:43 UTC
The game seem not to play !
I downloaded,succesfull installed, and I coppy file in your Ver 1.10 to the folder I was installed, And I was changed name to DMMd.exe of file CRACK to replace DMMd.exe ....Affter,over-night to downloading with all this, I still can't play the game.. Open file (crack) ...Is appeared with the black windows and turn off....
Gaaaa...! What the hell is it ?!! I want play TAT !!!
2012-04-20 at 19:22 UTC
Oh, I managed to solve the problem of the game. I had not installed the update correctly. Nor had AppLocale installed on my PC, what I had to change the compatibility mode to Windows XP.

So why not to have:
Install the game normally with AppLocale, soon after, dezipem folder "DMMdUpdate1.10" and pasting the following files in the folder DMMd: DMMd.exe (Replace) and nss.npa and system.npa.
Then dezipem folder "DMMd_crack_for_ver110" and pasting the file "DMMd_crack_for_ver110" in the game folder.
After all this, run the file "DMMd_crack_for_ver110" what is in the game folder with AppLocale and enjoy!

Recalling that after you install AppLocale on your PC, be sure to change the compatibility mode for Windows XP! (Only do this if you are using Windows 7 or Vista)
(This method worked for me)
2012-04-23 at 02:58 UTC
The torrent is submitted without the permission by the original owner.
2012-06-26 at 08:18 UTC
Where can I find a licence to open this game? It consists of twenty numbers.
I want play it! Please help me!!!
2012-12-11 at 20:02 UTC
Ho can i install a game WITH applocale D:

i tried everything but it didnt worekd at all... please help me ;_;
2013-01-18 at 05:46 UTC
I think the main problem for you guys is you didn't set your computers region to Japanese. Before I did that, playing Japanese games didn't work for me. So, give that a try. Other than that I have no advice.
2013-04-13 at 15:12 UTC
A) Set system local:
Control Panel > Clock, Language & Region > Change display language > Administrative > Change system local... > Japanese. Reboot.

B) Install
01) Mount with Daemon Tools
02) Run DMMd iso file
03) Install
04) Follow through the process. A for Accept, N for Next.
05) Delete shortcut on the desktop, it requires you to place a serial key.
06) Copy-Paste files from DMMdUpdate1.10 into the directory where you installed the game.
07) Copy DMMd_crack_for_ver110 into file directory.
08) Create shortcut on desktop of the DMMd_crack_for_ver110 and rename it if you want.
09) Windows 7 users don't need to worry about changing the compatibility settings: Right click the sortcut you created on your desktop > Compatibility > Pick program compatibility.
10) Double click the new shortcut. Play:D/

01) If it doesn't work try restarting your computer and closing any resource heavy programs.
02) If it still doesn't work, read any of these website forums. Your problem is bound to be discussed. aarinfantasy (Look for Dramatical Murder (DMMd)) or yaoiotaku (Look for Installation Guide)

I have made mine work (Windows7) using this download, following these steps I wrote down above.
2013-08-01 at 10:59 UTC
My game has been running perfectly fine until I got to meet Noiz! I didn't hear him talk at all but Aoba, Clear, and Koujaku were talking perfectly fine, Noiz just has the subtitles... so I thought maybe I hear his voice after he says his name... and unfortunately I didn't. & he's my favorite sooooo, LOL.
I think the voice.npa file is corrupted since everyone else is speaking fine... any help? Please and thank you >.<
2013-08-01 at 11:17 UTC
ah ignore my last post! i reinstalled the whole game and everything is fine!!
2013-10-23 at 18:02 UTC
Uhhhhh can some one help me i have no clue what i have to do
2013-10-23 at 18:03 UTC
Dose the Mount Daemon Tools cost ?
2013-10-23 at 18:15 UTC
Can some one pleas explain in a much more simpler term so even i can under stand how to upload it ?
2013-10-26 at 03:48 UTC
@Flooi for the very helpful instructions! I was able to install it with no problems thanks to you! ^^

@blaumoond. Look at Flooi's post. Also, Daemon Tools is free program you can use. Personally I use MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD Manager.

How to mount the iso file on MagicISO:
- Run MagicISO, then right-click the icon (which should be a hand holding a CD). A list will come up from the icon.
- click Set Number of Drives > 1 Drive
- click Virtual CD/DVD-ROM. Then click the drive says No Media (it means it's empty), and then click Mount. Choose the DMMd.iso file. The game is now mounted.
- Check the list again and it should show that it's not empty anymore (it will tell the file's location). Go ahead and click it, then go to Browse CD.
- A folder should open up. Press the setup file.

At this point, you can do everything Flooi has said (starting from number 4). I hope that helps.

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